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Louise is a twenty-six year old, single mother with a six year old daughter called Jenny. Jenny's dad ran off as soon as Louise told him she was pregnant. Now she is stuck working nightshifts as a checkout girl at her local supermarket.

Today is the day Louise is going to do something about her life.

WYWF is a structured freeform roleplaying game for exactly 3 players. In it you explore the happiest memories and greatest hopes of everyday people, just like you and I, who have become stuck in a rut, dissatisfied with their lives and directionless.

You will reflect upon your characters past, dream about their possible future and then make a positive move forward to change their lives for the better.

As well as the PDF this item includes 20 pieces of print quality artwork for producing an inspiration deck necessary to play the game.


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Inspiration_Deck_01_print.jpg 2.4 MB
Inspiration_Deck_02_print.jpg 2.8 MB
Inspiration_Deck_03_print.jpg 2 MB
Inspiration_Deck_04_print.jpg 2.1 MB
Inspiration_Deck_05_print.jpg 2.5 MB
Inspiration_Deck_06_print.jpg 1.9 MB
Inspiration_Deck_07_print.jpg 1.8 MB
Inspiration_Deck_08_print.jpg 2.1 MB
Inspiration_Deck_09_print.jpg 2 MB
Inspiration_Deck_10_print.jpg 2.2 MB
Inspiration_Deck_11_print.jpg 2.2 MB
Inspiration_Deck_12_print.jpg 2 MB
Inspiration_Deck_13_print.jpg 2.7 MB
Inspiration_Deck_14_print.jpg 2 MB
Inspiration_Deck_15_print.jpg 2.2 MB
Inspiration_Deck_16_print.jpg 2.5 MB
Inspiration_Deck_17_print.jpg 2.5 MB
Inspiration_Deck_18_print.jpg 2.9 MB
Inspiration_Deck_19_print.jpg 1.8 MB
Inspiration_Deck_20_print.jpg 3 MB
Inspiration_Deck_card_back.jpg 128 kB
WYWF-DWG01-BackCover.pdf 381 kB
WYWF-DWG01-FrontCover.pdf 102 kB
WYWF-DWG01-InteriorPages-v2.pdf 10 MB

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