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Fæd Away is a story game for 3–5 players. One player shall act as the storyteller, the remaining players will create young adult fæ about to undergo their Fading.

N.B. this game was initially designed to fit on a standard DL format leaflet, I have included a version layed-out for A4 as well to make it slightly more convenient for people to print.

How it came to pass

With the coming of the Industrial Revolution and the  rise of the urban areas, the Fæ were forced from their ancient homes, and the magic began to bleed from the land. As the cities grew, some of the Fæ decided that they would stay and help the land maintain its balance.

As the years passed, these new urban fæ became more accustomed to their environments and learnt how to keep up glamours with almost no effort, so that they could pass in the human world whilst they tried to heal the land.

However, it was a vain attempt. Year on year, the towns and cities grew; the magic bled from the land faster and faster. The urban fæ lost all of their mighty magics, only able to maintain their glamours, and perform cheap parlour tricks.

Soon even these last vestiges of their power began to fail them. Glamours would falter when humans were around, their simple knacks would fail them. The land was taking the magic from the fæ to maintain itself.

It was during these times that the first Fadings began. Six days before Beltane, the young fæ who were to come of age that year, would go out amongst the city and work to heal the land by giving up small pieces of themselves. The Fadings worked; the balance would hold for another year, and the urban fæ were safe.

And no one noticed that when the groups came back,  some of the young did not return. Because how can you miss someone that never existed.


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